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Gem/Jewel Colours

Whilst we have tried to match the colours in our charts below as closely as possible to the actual jewellery, they are provided as an indication only and colours may also vary according to the settings on your monitor.

AB gemstones ('Aurora Borealis') have a special iridescent coating which gives off a dazzling spectrum of rainbow colours.

ClearCrystal ABLight PinkPink
Rose ABLilacFuchsiaPurple
Vitrail LightHeliotrope ABTanzaniteRed
OrangeAmberLight BlueSapphire
CapriAqua ABTurquoiseLight Green
Vitrail MediumDark GreenAnthraciteBlack


Titanium Metal Colours

The majority of our titanium body piercing jewellery is offered in a wide range of shiny, polished colours. See examples of all of the colours below:-

 Mirror Polish Titanium Ice Blue Titanium Electric Blue Titanium
 Turquoise Titanium Green Titanium Yellow Titanium
 Rainbow Titanium Pink Titanium Purple Titanium