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Frequently Asked Questions

What size do I need?

All piercings are different and we frequently get asked what the "average" or "standard" size is. Whilst we can certainly tell you which sizes are popular, it's not necessarily going to be of any help to you. This is because what may be a standard size to one person is not necessarily going to be the correct size for someone else. In order to help you purchase the correct size first time, take a look at our guide Choosing the Correct Size of Body Jewellery and also our Sizing Guide. Both articles contain lots of information geared up to assisting you in choosing the perfect size for your own piercing. If you still have questions after that, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What does 'internally-threaded' mean?

All 'screw type' body jewellery is manufactured using one of the following variations of threading: internal threading or external threading. Most standard body piercing jewellery is externally-threaded. The type of threading normally makes no difference whatsoever to the majority of people and, visually, you can't even tell which type of threading is used once the jewellery is fitted into place. Internally-threaded body jewellery is something which is normally asked for by choice. External threading (the most common type) means that the end of a bar has threading around it, whilst the separate ball contains a small hole with threading inside. The threaded bar is then screwed into the hole in the ball. On the other hand, internal threading means that the end of the bar has a hole inside it (with threading), whilst the separate ball has a small protruding stem with threading around it. This stem is screwed into the hole at the end of the main stem of the jewellery.

Is the price for one item, or a pair?

All of the jewellery on our website is sold as a single item, unless stated otherwise in the product title or description. It is often assumed that nipple and ear jewellery (for example) comes in pairs, however the reason we sell our jewellery individually is because many people only have one piercing. Not only that, but in the case of ear stretching gear they might have two stretched piercings but the two piercings might be at different stages.

Can I make a change to my order?

Yes, as long as we haven't yet despatched your order we can make any change that you need us to. If you still have the confirmation email that we sent to you, simply reply to that with details of the change that you would like to make to your order. If you don't have the confirmation email, don't worry - just Contact Us instead. As soon as we see your message we'll be back in touch with you.

What will my order cost in my own currency?

Our website only display its prices in UK pounds, however it is very easy for you to find out the approximate cost of your order in your own currency, simply by using one of the online currency converters such as XE or X-Rates. Please note that the amount debited from your card in your currency may vary from the estimate given by the online currency converters. If you are in any doubt, please contact your bank.

Will you do a piercing for me?

Sorry, no. We are not a piercing studio. We are online retailers of body piercing jewellery.

Can I visit your shop?

Sorry, we don't have a shop. We operate online only which keeps our prices down.

How do I stretch my ear piercing?

Read How To Stretch Your Ear Piercing - our very own guide to safely stretching your ear lobe piercing. The guide contains sound advice together with some great tips.

I've seen a great piece of body jewellery - can you get it?

We might be able to - Get In Touch with a description of what you have seen and attach a photograph if you can. Whilst we cannot promise anything, we will certainly do our very best to try and help you. We have multiple suppliers who all have fabulous ranges and it could be that we just haven't got round to adding the next super item to our range.

Can you send me some freebies so I can review them on my blog?

No, sorry. We often get asked this and whilst we would love to exchange some of our lovely goods in return for some free advertising, unfortunately we have no way of estimating the readership/popularity of your blog/site/Facebook page. That's why we took the decision many years ago to decline this type of request.

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